Almost Free, Cheap £1 Website Design for Small Businesses

Who says your first professional website design has to cost a fortune. TK WebHosts makes web design looks so easy and cost-friendly with our affordable Webready ONE package. TK WebHosts’ Free £1 Website Design allows you start up your website at minimum cost of just £1.



TK WebHosts provides a reliable, yet cost-effective solutions for your web design  or development. Get started by signing up below:-

  • Reliable
  • Cost effective
  • 0 Downtime

£1 Cheap website Design

Web Ready One – Business Website Feature :-

  • Free One page Professional Ready Made Website
  • Unlimited Website Bandwidths (Data / traffic)
  • Professional Business Email
  • Easy Content Management
  • Social sites link: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc.
  • SEO Friendly development
  • Virus Protection
  • Spam Filter

FAQ about Our £1 Pound Website Design for Small Businesses

How much am i saving

The regular price for our Ready made business websites can be found (here – website design), a payment of £1 means you’re saving £49 (99% DISCOUNT)

Why so Cheap?

TK WebHosts’ goal is to encourage more startups and help businesses alleviate IT costs.

Why charge a £1 for a Website Design then

The payment is used to validate your identity and prevent fraudulent activities.

How much am i really Paying?

TK WebHosts only gets 77 pence of your £1 when PayPal payment method is used.

Paypal charges 3.4% + 20pence.

3.4% Plus 20 Pence from £1 equals 77pence.

How much is the design package after a year?

Please see our website packages on our regular pricing.

Can I buy multiple?

Sorry, this promotion is only limited to one web design package per customer.